Rotary Club of Georgetown

Co-sponsorship Opportunities

We are seeking your participation as a co-sponsor by providing financial assistance to the Rotary Club of Georgetown.  We are a Service Club of some 21 members strong – although small in number we have big hearts.  We will continue to create initiatives in the future for the good of our community that we have served for the past 60 years.

     Currently the Club is finalizing our initiative regarding the Universally Accessible Children's Playground situated at Bradley Gardens near the Christ the King Secondary School.  This playground ensures access to children of all special needs including mobility; sight; hearing; learning; mental and incorporates specific items of play that enable and encourage the interaction of children with and without special needs.
     A couple of years ago we raised some $142,000 (including a $102,000 Ontario Trillium Fund Grant) to build the playground but the area now requires a rubberized ground cover to enable wheelchairs to better navigate the playground area.  We are now working on finding $84,000 to cover the costs of this specialized rubberized ground cover.
     We are presently conducting a Car Raffle to off-set some of the $84,000 commitment and we will likely fall well short of the goal by some $60,000 with a planned completion date looming of mid-summer 2015.   

     We have coined the expression, "It's Better to Play Together" so to this end I am seeking your financial assistance.  I thank you in advance for your help in this matter and for assisting the Rotary Club of Georgetown with this project to level the playing field.   
     I plan to contact other co-sponsors in Georgetown and surrounding area seeking their financial support to finalize the Universally Accessible Children’s Playground plus assistance with other Community Service and International projects and provide each with the following commitment:

   “To accomplish our goal in building this all-inclusive play space for all children and helping to support the Rotary Club of Georgetown’s Community and International projects, we will create a co-sponsorship program for corporations and individuals.  Recognition of your generosity includes coverage in local media, including print, cable TV and Rotary Club of Georgetown web site.”

     I thank you in advance for your financial support of these very worthwhile community and international projects that will enable the Rotary Club of Georgetown to continue for the next 60 years!

     Thank you for your consideration in this matter.