Rotary Club of Hyde Park - Website Advertising Guide

Thank You for your interest in sponsoring this website!

How it Works:

The website you were viewing can display banner ads across all pages. The distribution is even across all pages, including the homepage and e-bulletin.

To place an ad, please contact the webmaster of the Rotary Club of London Hyde Park Site. Rates are varied are set by the individual club or district. Rates are:

Subscription Level Annual Price
Rotary Club Member $120.00
Hyde Park Business Association $180.00
Community Rate $240.00
Charitable Organizations $90.00

Since ads are displayed on the left hand panel, there are size limitations, which are as follows:

You can provide a website address which your ad will hyperlink to. This can be your homepage or any existing page within your site. You can also choose to provide your e-mail address, instead.

You may choose to have a Sponsor Site Page on the Rotary Club of Hyde Park site. If you choose this option, we will require:

You may request changes to the content on your Sponsor Site Page five times a year according to the following schedule:

  1. May 31,
  2. July 31,
  3. November 30,
  4. January 31,
  5. March 31


Please attach your cheque to this signed form and submit to The Rotary Club of London Hyde Park at:

8-611 Wonderland Road North
Suite 313
London , Ontario
N6H 5N7

Authorized Signatory (can bind the corporation)