Philanthropy Guidelines

Rotary Club of Central DuPage AM

February 11, 2008


The Rotary Club of Central DuPage (the Club) is committed to the Rotary ideal of Service above Self. To maximize the effectiveness of our philanthropic activities, the Club has adopted these Philanthropy Guidelines. The objectives of these Guidelines are:

§  To facilitate philanthropy through our members and partners

§  To identify the passion within our membership and provide a bridge between their passion and those in need

§  To partner with other organizations

§  To encourage financial contributions either while alive or in their estate plan

§  To select recipients most in need of our help, consistent with Rotary ideals

§  To efficiently identify and support organizations that can do the most good with our donations

§  To foster consistency in our philanthropic giving


Organizational Focus of Recipients


Organizational Structure of Recipients

The Club will give preference to requests from:


Club Requirements

Political projects

Religious organizations for sectarian projects


Opportunistic Giving

The Club will seek to capitalize on matching grants, either from other donors or from Rotary International.



§  The Chairperson of the Philanthropy Committee will conduct quarterly meetings after the first regular Club meeting of the first month of each calendar quarter. This will normally be the Wednesday before the monthly Board meeting on the second Tuesday. The timing is intended to give the Chairperson material for a report to the Board.

§  At the general meeting before each Philanthropy Committee meeting, the Chairperson will provide a summary of gifts given to the members present, providing a copy of the report to the Club webmaster for posting on the Club website.

§  All Club members are welcome to attend the meetings.

§  Meetings will serve as a forum for members to nominate and advocate for organizations they wish to sponsor.

§  Meetings will include reviewing past recipients (at least once annually) to ensure the Club guidelines are still being met with respect to that recipient. The Club would prefer not to have annuity arrangements.

§  If three or more members agree on a grant during a quarterly meeting, the grant will be approved without Board approval up to $1,000, subject to availability of funds. The Committee decisions will be reported by the Chairperson at the subsequent Board meeting.

§  The Board reserves for itself the power to make giving decisions if any of the following conditions apply:

§  There are fewer than three members making the recommendation.

§  The request exceeds $1,000.

§  There is disagreement among members regarding the request.

Once a request has met the above requirements, the Philanthropy Chairperson requests the check from the Club Treasurer.


Best Practices

§  Attempt to get some public recognition of the gift in the form of a press release, ceremony, plaque, or other means in an effort to help the Club’s future fund raising and membership development activities.

§  Release our own summary of philanthropic gifts and recent community service to the press at least once a year.

§  Seek community service project opportunities with the same organizations to foster deeper understanding and relationships between the Club and its charitable beneficiaries.

§  Try to identify one or two particular philanthropic themes where we might wish to concentrate our efforts in order to become a more meaningful force within that area of need.

§  Develop a formal Grant Request Form that standardizes the information we receive.

[*] The Club may however choose to allocate some portion of the budget to international causes.