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NY Rotary Foundation

Supports humanitarian programs in New York City and beyond.

Minimum raised by 1 runner will provide 10 scholarships to deserving high school students.

Rotary's motto is Service above Self. Our motto is carried out at the Rotary Club of New York by combining volunteer talent and time with funding from our Foundation. This is a true synergistic relationship since most of Foundations funds come from the members themselves.

Our projects are diverse in focus and broad in scope including helping children in our community. We support a Soup Kitchen in Harlem, provide manpower for a Thanksgiving Veteran's meal, support work in disaster relief with Fraternite Notre Dame 'including the recent earthquake in Haiti and past disasters of September 11, the greatest tsunamis that struck this decade and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

The Rotary Club of New York has a partner relationship with five New York City High Schools. Our high school programs honor 10 student a year with a Scholarship and recognition; we also provide scholarships to “jump start' college bound students by sending them to the Columbia University High School Summer Program, vocational mentoring programs, speech contests, weekend leadership camps and other programs reported on our website

Our Foundation allows 25% of its grants to be placed outside of Manhattan. Authorized by this provision, we have provided water filters to communities in the Dominican Republic to provide safe drinking water and eliminate the risk of water borne diseases. With our Sister Club in Milan, we have supported the fight against a dreaded disease of Buruli*.

Members of the Rotary Club of New York have served are proud of our 101-year history of serving the people in our community and around the world. We strive to help the needy to make our world a better place for all.

*Buruli ulcer, a disease caused by infection with Mycobacterium ulcerans, is one of the most neglected but treatable tropical diseases.


Leadership Award winners at the RYLA Camp where they learn team work, leadership skills and confidence building.

Gregoria Luperon High School Student Bryan Moran with his family after receiving his scholarship at a regular Rotary meeting at the Harvard Club. Parents are encouraged to attend with their son or daughter is being ennobled.

Columbia University High School Summer School Program winner/recipient, Syed Ali from DeWitt Clinton High School.

NYRF is the main sponsor of the annual Chess in the Schools program that teaches chess to New York City children Grade 5 to 12.

In partnership with a Dominican Republic Rotary Club, the NYRF, with contributions from our members, provided sand fliters to insure potable water for families of a small village in the Bateys.

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