Summer 2010
Victor Lugo

from: Rice Memorial High School

Victor Lugo of Rice High School in Harlem, was the winner of last summer's RCNY Scholarship to the Columbia University Summer High School Program. He competed in a field of 10 students from RCNY's partner schools.

In a thank you note from Maria Rial, Victor's counselor at Rice High, she relates, "His acceptance into the program at Columbia was a tremendous boost for him. We announced his name and his achievement in the auditorium . There was overwhelming applause and pats on the back for him. It was a very special moment. Thanks again."

Victor is shown here with RCNY Project Chair, Dr. Laura Muggli receiving his award, made possible by the generous donations of RCNY members who donate to the NY Rotary Foundation.

Summer 2009
Julia Benedith

from: DeWitt Clinton High School

Julia Benedith, a junior, out-ran nine other students from our partner high schools in an essay contest whose prize was a scholarship worth $4500 and will enable her to take college courses at Columbia University's High School Summer Program this year. Participating in this program will not only show her opportunities that exist for her, but will also be a plus for her later college applications.

Julia very much enjoys writing, especially advocating for justice and equality for all. She aspires to be a broadcast journalist after graduation from college. Meanwhile, she enjoys watching plays, writing for her school newspaper, and rocking out on her guitar.

Summer 2008
Sayed Ali

from: DeWitt Clinton High School

Syed Ali will be a senior at DeWitt Clinton High School next month. Candidate selection is based on a recommendation from their counselor, an essay, and by their grades. Our selection committee said Syad's application "jumped out" at them.

Syed's counselor, Paula McKinnon, sends this message: "Syed Ali is the embodiment of the phrase 'He is a gentleman and a scholar.' He is a lovely, soft spoken young man who never has uttered an unkind word about another and is a very supportive friend to his fellow students. He is respectful and is always grateful for any help he receives from staff members at our school. I am sure he benefitted greatly from his Columbia University summer School experience and I expect to hear great things about him in the future."

On a Rotary note: Syed just found out that a relative of his is a former President of the Rotary Club of the Central Bronx.