Downtown Waterloo Rotary Club

2015 Athletic Awards

     Since 1946 the Waterloo Rotary Club has enjoyed the honor each year to celebrate outstanding performance by high school athletes in the city of Waterloo and surrounding areas. Football coaching staffs at each school in the city nominate a senior MVP from their team. In a secret ballot, area sportswriters make the citywide selection. The winner receives the Glen "Doc" Miller traveling trophy as top player in his sport. The winner is entitled to display the trophy at his school for the next twelve months.


Glen "Doc" Miller Most Valuable Football Player

Trey Burt, West High

Waterloo Rotary President Chris Hurley presents 2015 MVP Trey Burt

This regulation-size gold football, mounted on a base, is a travelling trophy given each year by the Downtown Waterloo Rotary to the outstanding player in football in the Waterloo Schools. It is given in memory of an outstanding Rotarian, Glen "Doc" Miller, a great athelte and president of the Waterloo Rotary Club in 1954. "Doc" was captain of the University of Iowa football team in 1923, and a player on the great Iowa teams of 1921-22 which beat Yale.

     Awards are presented at a luncheon attended by Rotarians, the senior players from each of the area teams, their coaches, parents, and honored guests. Scroll down to see pictures of the MVP picks from each school.

69th Annual Waterloo Rotary Club Football Recognition Luncheon

Presented November 23rd, 2015

Honored Guests

Dr. Jane Lindaman, Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Willie Barney, District Athletic Director

Columbus Catholic High School - Dale Monroe, Chief Administrator - Tom Ulses, Principal - Aaron Ferrie, Atletic Director
East High School - Marla Padget, Principal - Al Pace, Athletic Director
West High School - Andy Miehe, Principal - Dr. Anthony Pappas, Athletic Director

2015 MVP Football Selections

Mitchell Paeper, Columbus High School - Jeremiah Jordan, East High School - Trey Burt, West High School

2015 Keynote Speaker UNI President Dr. William Ruud

Columbus High School

Reed Bailey, Dana Boesen, Mason Clasen,
Jarett Crisman, Zisimos Doulaveris, Jacob Haag,
Cooper Hayes, Austin Kneeland, Eric Larson,
Mikal Ludolph, Mitchell Paeper, Mitchell Schoer, Ethan Smith

Head Coach: Brad Schmit - Assistant Coaches: Jay Schmit, Ben Barnett, Nick Ratchford, Sean Kennedy

East High School

Colten Borwig, Killian Brown, Nekema Carter,
Charles Dillard, Cody Duckworth, Marquas Gafeney,
Jordan Garrey, Nathan Heinz, Kierin Johnson,
Zach Johnson, Jeremiah Jordan, Corey Lake,
Chase Pryor, Cole Van Wey, Aqupnn Williams

Head Coach: Richard Carter - Assistant Coaches: Skylar Ahrens, Jesse Gahrrety, Corey Muhammd,
Wilmot, Wellington, Justin Jacobs, Bruce Petro, Reed Pryor, Sam Bass

West High School

Daniel Alcott, Jin-Kali Burkett, Isaiah Burt,
Trey Burt, Demetrius Caddell, Devon Conkling,
Dayshaun Cooper, Jack Davis, James Draine,
Cody Heiselman, Steven Jordan, Benjamin Lentzkow,
Tyrone Moore, Jacory Spates, Austin Susong,
Asanti Williams

Head Coach: Lonnie Moore
Assistant Coach: Andy Payton, Eddie Fischer, Matt Grimm,
Nick Roe, Tyler Winters, Leo Frost, David Tredwell,
Steward Rickart, Eric Harbaugh

Special thanks to the 2015 Rotary Football Committee and volunteers.  

Thanks Tom Arthur and Mason Fromm for photography and webpage.