Downtown Waterloo Rotary Club

2015 Athletic Awards

     Since 1936 the Waterloo Rotary Club has enjoyed the honor each year to celebrate outstanding performance by high school athletes in the city of Waterloo and surrounding areas. Football coaching staffs at each school in the city nominate a senior MVP from their team. In a secret ballot, area sportswriters make the citywide selection. The winner receives the Glen "Doc" Miller traveling trophy as top player in his sport. In a similar process, area volleyball coaches choose their MVP's and then, by ballot of all the coaches, award the trophy for overall Most Valuable volleyball player. The winners are entitled to display the trophy at his or her school for the next twelve months.

 Rotary Most Valuable Volleyball Player of 2015

Lexy Hogan, Don Bosco High School

Presenting the award is Waterloo Rotary Volleyball Luncheon Chairperson Barb Prather

23rd Annual Waterloo Rotary Club Volleyball Recognition Luncheon

Honored Guests

Dr. Jane Lindaman, Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Willie Barney, District Athletic Director

Columbus High School - Dale Monroe, Chief Administrator, Tom Ulses, Principal, Aaron Ferrie, Athletic Director

Don Bosco High School - Rick Blackwell, Principal, Casey Redmond, Athletic Director

East High School - Maria Padget, Principal, Al Pace, Athletic Director

Waterloo Christian School - Jennifer Neifer, Principal, Carmen Wipf, Athletic Director, Dave Liverance, Co-Athletic Director

West High School - Andy Miehe, Principal, Dr. Anthony Pappas, Athletic Director

Valley Lutheran High School - Brian L'Heureux, Principal, Ryan Smiley, Athletic Director

Keynote Speaker - Lauren Moss, KWWL Weekend Anchor

Columbus High School MVP - Nicole Nielsen


Head Coach: Hanna Nuss Assistant Coaches: Bryan Duggan, Kerry Merrifield
Brenna Armstrong, Amber Kock, Liz McElmeel, Megan McElmeel, Nicole Nielsen, Emma Roe

Don Bosco High School MVP - Lexy Hogan


Head Coaches: Abby Breitbach Assistant Coach: Jenni Schares
Lauren Becker, Abbie Frost, Hanna Halverson, Lexy Hogan, Savanna Kelley,
Erin McFadden, Hailey Reiter, Rachel Schmit

East High School MVP - Cecilia Borwig

Head Coach: Meghan Sullivan
Jessica Boeck, Ashley Cary, Cecilia Borwig, Kahlan Curry, Sierra Thomas, NeiAira Burt

Waterloo Christian School MVP - Kristin Kimball

Head Coach: Danielle Schoonhoven Assistant Coach: Carmen Wipf
Kristin Kimball, Whitney Smith, Ally Yousse

West High School MVP - Nicole Simmerman

Head Coach: Aaron Reinhart
Elisabeth Newell, Nicole Simmerman, Marissa Stoler

Valley Lutheran High School MVP - Jasper Downs

Head Coach: Angela Reisdorph Assistant Coach: Len Brokenshire
Jasper Downs, Emilee Marquette, Katrina Piehl

Special thanks to the Rotary Volleyball Committee:
Barb Prather, Jaclyne Heller, and Kelli McCarthy.  
Greeters: Soo Greiman, Sue Beach, Annie VanderWerff, Wade Itzen, and Katelyn Pederson
Thanks to Mason Fromm for photography and for webpage.

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