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Sunday, August 08, 2010
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Future Speakers
Aug 11 2010
Mark Riley
" FairWear Campaign & Education "
Aug 18 2010
Michael Dee
"Harvesting Funds Management"
Sep 1 2010
Erica Myers-Davis
"Author - Under One Flag"
Sep 8 2010
Sam Bramham
"Wheel Chair Sports Australia"

Upcoming Events
Aug 7 2010 - Oct 2 2010
Election Day BBQ
Aug 21 2010


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Wednesday Aug 4, 2010
Our Club Website Address is

This Weeks Speaker - Melina Schamroth

Melina Schamroth "m.a.d.woman"

Social entrepreneur Melina Schamroth is in the business of making a difference. Founder of m.a.d.woman (making a difference), creator of the unique Single Volunteers dating program, motivational speaker and author, Melina runs programs and events to connect people with each other and with their communities. Melina was co-named 2009 RMIT Communicator of the Year with acclaimed human rights activist The Hon. Michael Kirby. She was also a finalist in the 2009 Premier's Community Volunteering Leadership Awards, Highly Commended in the 2009 Anthill Cool Company Awards and a finalist in the 2008 BrainLink Women of Achievements awards. Be it bushfire relief, helping the hungry and homeless or supporting neglected animals, Melina is continually finding innovative ways to motivate and engage people. In the past couple of years alone, m.a.d.woman achievements include cooking more than 30,000 meals for hungry and homeless Victorians. Other projects have aided thousands of people - Black Saturday bushfire victims, disabled and disadvantaged youth, long-term unemployed and more. Melina's unique corporate team building events also make a difference. From small groups to large teams, m.a.d.woman events unite participants - all while producing tangible outcomes for projects in need. With no advertising budget, Melina has built the m.a.d.woman brand, attracting significant media coverage including regular television, radio, newspaper and magazine slots. Prior to starting m.a.d.woman, Melina spent 18 years working in journalism, communication, marketing and PR roles for a variety of global companies and leading organisations in Australia and New Zealand. These include top 100 companies, Government, not for profit groups, private companies and emerging businesses. Melina studied Philanthropy and Social Investment at Swinburne University in addition to extensive pro bono work for not for profit organisations in Australasia. Melina's books - How to be m.a.d. (making a difference) and m.a.d. (making a difference) in a green way - provide people with clever, practical and creative ways they can contribute to their communities, help others and reduce their environmental impact.





Visit by Assistant District Governor

Last Wednesday evening we had the pleasure of Assistant District Governor Alan Freedman attend our meeting. Alan spoke about the Goals and Aspirations of the District. One of the tropics was about membership not only to obtain membership but to also ensure the club maintains its membership.  Alan also made a point to club members about reading the district newsletter NETWORKER and that our club should place up and coming
activities/events  on it.

We would like to thank Alan for attending our meeting and presenting valuable information to members of our club.

There are two ways you can receive the Networker, as an email direct to your inbox, subscribe at the other either through our district or club website.

About Networker
This newsletter fills the information gap that exists between Club Bulletins and Rotary Down Under or Rotary International News.

We primarily showcase the activities of our own clubs, but may include information from a wider field when appropriate. The personality of Clarice ensures that the style is crisp, fun and bright, while remaining accurate and relevant.

Networker is avaliable on the new District Website and Club Websites, and is e-mailed to all subscribers every week. A pdf version of Networker is also available for those who wish to download it.

You can look forward to seeing some on-going features:

  • The District Governor's weekly message - crisp and to the point.
  • Brief Marketing and Membership segments.
  • New Members: we will encourage clubs to submit a photo and pen-picture of new members.
  • Announcements, upcoming events: we shall keep notices brief, with links to further information.
  • And some new thoughts:
  • We will encourage clubs to tell us about their projects and functions, with appropriate photos. Not just up-coming events, but reports on how they all went. Submissions may be edited to ensure that essential information is available without excessive detail, and authors will be credited with by-lines.  Links will be available for those who seek more information.
  • A number of sub-editors will be sought, to report on current events and to re-write articles culled from other sources.  Have you a writer in your club who can assist?
  • Showcasing a club: we hope to send  reporters to interview club presidents and key members, and publish articles which show the differing features of our various clubs.
  • Readers letters: these should be short and to the point, and Clarice may comment where necessary. New ideas are welcome, but Clarice will avoid undue controversy or argument.
  • One brief advertisement from one of our supporters.
  • Prizes, for best letter or article submitted. (So that's why we have the advertisements)

The Networker can be used to exchange ideas and information, for the benefit of all.  Read about yourselves, and spread your good news.   Please encourage your members to subscribe on the district website. Finally, tell us what you want in YOUR magazine.
Gordon Cheyne,  Editor, The Networker

Information Directory

Last week all members who attended the meeting were given the -

Rotary International District 9800 2010-2011 Information Directory.

This directory holds a wealth of information together with contact names and details of clubs within our district, programs and much more.

It is a valuable tool for any rotarian and assists with understanding various items Rotary is involved with.

If you have not as yet got your copy of this directory please either request one from the President Mike Perry or Secretary Judy Nicholson.


August is Membership Month

August is Rotary Membership and Extension Month, a time when all Rotarians are invited to make a special effort to invite friends and colleagues to join Rotary.


Rotary enjoys a rich and sometimes complex tradition and organizational structure, with many programs that can be confusing to prospective members, new members and even not-so-new members.

The club is the cornerstone of Rotary, where the most meaningful work is carried out.


All effective Rotary clubs are responsible for four key elements: sustaining or increasing their membership base, participating in service projects that benefit their own community and those in other countries, supporting The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International financially and through program participation, and developing leaders capable of serving at club level, and later beyond the club level in Rotary district and International roles.


What Rotarians get out of Rotary depends largely on what they put into it. Many membership requirements are designed to help members participate more fully in and enjoy their Rotary experience.


Rotary Tree Planting Day


Sunday 8th August 2010.

 The Rotary Club of Manningham Inc. District 9180invite The RCAP members, families,friends and interested groups to take part in a tree planting day 8th August 2010, where 9000 trees can be placed on 4 sites around the Glenaroua-Broadford district.

The area we have chosen to work in (10 year programme) is the Sugarloaf Catchment, a large area feeding the creeks that flow into the GoulburnRiver, then the Murray River. In normal conditions thirty (30) tonnes of salt per square kilometre leave this area annually.

R.E.P.S aims to reduce the salinity at the source, which is known as the recharge areas. Where the rain water enters the soil, absorbs the salt and carries it into the creeks and streams that then feed into the rivers and also the artesian storage (water table etc.) contributing to the devastation existing in and around Goulburn/Murray River areas.

Activity requires Teams of  3 or 4

1 Planting, 1 or 2 Placing & sinking Tree Guards, 1 Suppling Tube guards, Stakes etc.

Duties to be rotated between the team.

We need Commitment, and if possible the number of members & friends or other groups who can attend, to register by 23rd July 2010. On registration a detailed map will be sent to you. People attending will need to bring: warm clothing, strong footwear, Rainwear & Gardening Gloves, Rotary will provide the equipment and material for the actual planting.

Arrival 8.30am at Broadford; as we wold like to start planting at 9am

Morning tea will be provided on site and concludes with a BBQ lunch at approximately 1.30pm. 


Travels north along Hume Highway to Broadford turn off, turn Left at High St. continue along High Street to Mitchell Shire Office(113 High St.) where registration and site allocation will be conducted. Rotary Signs will be displayed.

Broadford Reference:     Melway map 610 M8   or Vic Roads map61-C5


This is a great day to be part of not only do you do a wonderful thing for the enviroment  you also meet with some of the local people who provide  a great, morning tea and lunch. 

Please reply to David Gorman on or 0411 806 140 if your able to attend .  

If numbers are good we will be obtaining a mini bus for pooled transportation.             

Working with Children Card

Protection of children and vulnerable adults during Rotary activities

Working with Children Check


RCAP members do you have a current Working with Children Card. It is important as a club member that you hold one of these cards.

Please contact Gerry Phillips 0418 394 024 if you do not have a Working with Children Card  and Gerry will be more than happy to assist you with obtaining one of these cards.



European Masters Exhibition

  Melbourne Winter Master Pieces

Stadel Museum 19th - 20th Century

Wednesday 25 August 2010

     At the Clemenger Auditorium at 6.30pm  with an
 Introductory Talk on Artists and viewing

Special Offer for Rotary Club of Albert Park

only $30.00 per ticket (revised price)

So  please ask all your friends to join us
Bookings BY 19 August:
After the Exhibition join us at the

Arts Centre CURVE BAR @ $35 drinks / snacks

European Masters: Städel Museum, 19th-20th Century brings together a remarkable collection of masterpieces from the Städel Museum in Frankfurt, one of the finest collections in Europe. The NGV is truly privileged to host this exhibition, as the Städel have committed only the highlights of its renowned collection of 19th and 20th century European art. Alongside masterpieces by German artists are works by the greatest French, Belgian, Dutch and Swiss masters of the time.  Included are iconic Neo-Classical, Realist, Impressionist and Symbolist works, through to breathtaking German Expressionist paintings and sculpture, rarely seen in Australia.

A high point is the presence of no fewer than ten works by Max Beckmann, the quintessential Expressionist artist. This is an unprecedented opportunity to see a spectacular array of the finest European art spanning the dynamic and transformative years of the 19th and 20th century.

Asylum Seeker Employment Project - Profiles

Asylum Seeker Employment Project
Click HERE to View where we are with this project.

Door Roster


August 2010
Alan Adams, Deanne Alan, Vicki Bird, Liz De Nitis (Ann White)
September 2010

John Airey, Rosie Annois, Ray Pape, Yvonne Conn

October 2010

Brian Beaumont, Judy Nicholson, Alan Fitzgerald, Helen Harris

November 2010
Richard Goss, Maxine Miller, Kevin Mooney, Ken Hall

December 2010
Greg Mc Ewan, Loretta Michaelsen, Henry Michaelsen, Tessa McGuigan

If you are unable to fulfill your door duty, please speak to another member and organise a replacement for yourself.
For all other queries about the door roster please contact Terry Moroney 0409 006 285

The Rotary Club of Albert Park Book Store

The Rotary Club of Albert Park  BOOK STORE

  Located at the Galilee School Building, Parish of Sts Peter & Paul, Cnr Dorcas & Monatague Streets, South Melbourne (at back of church).

Currrently it is open each Saturday 10.00am - 2.00 pm.

Great Prices   1000's of Secondhand Books for Sale - Softbacks, Hardbacks, Collectables, Classics, Crime, Australiana, Sport, Romance, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Childrens, Lit, Art, History, War Photography , Cookbooks, Wine, Gardening, and lots more............
Spread the word, let your family, friends, neighbours, clubs and organisations know. We appreciate all purchases and all donations. 

If your have any queries please contact Jenny Grebler on 0403841044 or should you have books to donate please contact Henry Michaelsen on 9681 7382 or Greig McEwan on 0417 055 953 and they will arrange a pick up time.

Book Club Roster   -   VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!!  Aug, Sept & Oct.
No prior knowledge of the books is necessary. Jenny will be there to assist you all dealings. All books will be priced and you will just be required to take money for the sales and help people where needed. Please respond to Deb Renshaw-Jones MB: 0438 250 908 and let her know what shifts you are able to do.
....................10.00am - 12.30pm12.00pm - 2.00pm

Aug 7 1. Jenny Grebler 1. Jenny Grebler
2. Joan Robison 2. Deb Renshaw-Jones
Aug 14 1. Jenny Grebler 1. Jenny Grebler
2. 2.
Aug 21 1. Jenny Grebler 1. Jenny Grebler
2. 2.
Aug 28 1. Jenny Grebler 1. Jenny Grebler
2. 2.
Community Meals

Rotary Club of Albert Park Community Meals

Want community Meals Instructions. Please login, go to My ClubRunner Box, Click on View Club Documents, then click on Community Meals Instructions. 


Please Note that each server is responsible to ensure that any changes are advised to Paul on 0417 567 747 or email 

ROSTER JULY - Aug 2010
Date Captain Co-Server Emergency
July 24 Kate Staniforth Paul Flakus Stephen Bond
July 31 Paul Flakus John Airey Ivo Georgiev
Aug 7 Stephen Bond Ian Henry Paul Flakus
Aug 14 Paul Flakus Jeremy Paton Rosie Annois
Aug 21 Paul Flakus Helen Harris Michael Walstab
Aug 28

Joan Robison/Yvonne Conn

Paul Flakus Jim Prokhovnik
Web Site Links

Note:      Past Bulletins are available for viewing or printing from our web page.

There are also direct links to Rotary District 9800, Networker, Rotary International and many more. 



Thats All For This Week
by Loretta Michaelsen

That's all for this week. 
Don't forget I am always looking for items of interest to publish. Please send me details of projects you may be involved with together with any photo's you may have as I am more than happy to publish them to share with our members.

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