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Friday, February 23, 2018
This week's Program:

Don Graves
WWII Veteran & Iwo Jima Survivor
President Steve Dixon (l) with today's speaker, Don Graves (r).
     If you had ever thought about bringing a guest to an Arlington Sunrise Rotary meeting, you would certainly have wanted to do so today! Don Graves, a WWII Veteran and Iwo Jima survivor, spoke to us about his experiences in the Marines.

      Don was born in Detroit, Mi in 1925 and joined the Marines August 17, 1942 at the age of 17.

      Don served two tours in the South Pacific. On February 19. 1945, his Division hit the beaches on Iwo Jima and secured Mt. Suribachi in three days. In the next five weeks of heavy fighting, the island was secured. His 5th Marine Division also served in the occupation of Japan. He was discharged from the Marines on January 12, 1946.

     Since then,  Don has been a singer and performer in Detroit, MI and Hollywood, CA. After a few years, he was called into Christian ministry as a Pastor and a Singer. Don has had many opportunities as a guest speaker about his experiences in WWII. He has also worked for the Federal Prison System and Gospel Rescue Missions.

      Don has shared his life with his wife,  Rebecca, for 70 years and they have four children, six grandchildren, and 12 great grandchildren.

      Don loves his country. Some of the States he has lived in include Michigan, Texas, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Arizona.

March 2            Norm King, District 5790 Youth Exchange Program

March 9            Four Way Test Speech Contest

March 16          Massey Campos - Self Evident Ministries

Mach 23           Judson Stone - A Resolution Worth Keeping

          Bring a Guest to these Meetings!
     Want to see a particular speaker or do you want a particular subject matter presented? Do you know of anyone who has a program that might be of interest to our membership?
     Let Will Ross know - reach him at  rosswill@sbcglobal.net.

March 2            Larry Riggall (1), Jack Rogers (2), Jim Ross

March 9             Will Ross (1), Darlene Ryburn (2), Robin Schmidt

March 16           Jess St, Clair (1), Danny Steffer (2), Doug Stewart

March 23           Dave Swaringin (1), Dub Swayze (2), Sam Thomas

(1) Prayer & Pledge,  (2) Introduce Visiting Rotarians and Guests 
March 2            Shane Ferrell

March 9            Sheri Hall

March 16          Chip May

March 23          Bill Verkest
March 2              Mark Gist

March 9              Don Ferrell

March 16            Robin Schmidt

March 23            Bill Verkest

     Congratulations to David Gomez (c), our newest member, upon being inducted into the Arlington Sunrise Rotary Club this morning! Performing the induction was PDG Hollis Lackey (l) and David's sponsor, Mark Gist (r).

     Another Proposal for Membership was read (for the 2nd time) on Scot Moran. He is scheduled to be inducted next week. He came to us from the South Valley, UT Rotary Club.

     Two lucky Thornton Elementary school kids, surrounded by their family and Thornton faculty, had their names pulled from a bowl of names, all who had Perfect Attendance this past 6-weeks. They each received a tablet for our Rotary Club.

     Rotarians present for the presentation included (far left) Tony Blauvelt and Mark Cloud, and (far right) Doug Stewart and Colby Van Sickler.
     One of RI President Ian Riseley has announced that he would like each and every Rotarian to plant a tree this year. It doesn't matter what kind of tree, or how big it is! Just plant a tree.

     Can you imagine the impact this would have on the world? If all 1.3 Million Rotarians plant a tree, the world will benefit from having Mother Nature help cleanse the air, create more oxygen, and beautify the Earth.

     At one point, we were considering purchasing seedling trees for our members, but the Board decided, after discussion, to have each individual member choose what type of tree, what size of tree, and where to plant the tree. 

     This time of year is great for planting trees, plus we would like our Club to be one of the first to be 100% in participation. We do have a few members who have offered to plant your tree for you if you need assistance.

      We need to have this project completed by March 31, 2018. 

     After you have planted your tree, please take a photo of you and your tree and send it to Dwayne Lee, Director of Administration. Please email the photo to:
March 1 - 4          P.E.T.S. (President-Elect Training Series), Hyatt Regency, DFW 

March 3               Phased In Lawn Work Day, 8 - 11 a.m.
March 6               Sunrise Rotary Board Meeting, 7 a.m., David's BBQ

March 13             Chamber of Commerce "Business Over Breakfast" (BOB)

April 21-22          Sunrise Rotary "New" Board Retreat
April 28               Adoption Awareness Picnic, Fielder Church

May 5                  Beer Olympics (See Mark Cloud)

May 11 - 13         Highland Games, Decatur, TX

May 12                Flag Program Workday - ALL HANDS ON DECK!

May 12                Highlands Rotary "Casino Night" fundraiser
May 19-20           District Conference, DFW Hyatt

May 26                Flag Day - Memorial Day - Display at 6:00 a.m.

May 29                Flag Day - Memorial Day - Pick up at 6:00 p.m.

June 14               Flag Day - Flag Day - Display at 6 a.m., Pick up at 6 p.m.

Ways to do a "Make-up"
  1. Go to: https://www.rotaryeclubone.org/programs.htm and watch a video or read an article.
  2. Attend a Sunrise Rotary social event. (Christmas party and other Sunrise social gatherings)
  3. Work on a Sunrise Rotary project (flags,PhasedIn, Blood drive, Highland games, etc.)
  4. Attend a Sunrise Rotary Board meeting. (1st Tuesday, 7:00 a.m., David's BBQ)
  5. If you're in a travel status, get the Rotary Club Finder app for your smartphone and find a Club in/near the town you are visiting - even outside of the United States!
  6. Attend another local Rotary Club meeting. There are seven other Rotary Clubs in Arlington that you can make up at. Here's a list of them:
    • Arlington North Rotary, Monday at Noon, Texas Land & Cattle, N. Arlington
    • Arlington West Rotary, Tuesday at Noon, Shady Valley Golf Club
    • Arlington Highlands Rotary, Tuesday at 6 p.m., Dave & Busters in the Highlands
    • Arlington Sunset Rotary, Tuesday at 6 p.m., J. Gilligan's on E. Abram
    • Arlington Rotary, Thursday at Noon, 1st United Methodist Church
    • Arlington Great Southwest Rotary, Thursday at 6 p.m., Humperdink's @ 6 Flags
    • Arlington South Rotary, Friday at Noon, Spring Creek BBQ, S. Cooper
Here's the catch:

     You literally have a whole month in order to work your "make up" into your busy schedule - within 2 weeks prior to the meeting you will miss and within 2 weeks after the meeting you miss.

So you see, there really is no valid excuse  for you not having PERFECT ATTENDANCE.
 But there is one major step to ensure your make-up is validated - you must report it to Club Secretary Sheri Hall at  sherilhall@gmail.com.


 President                                     Steve Dixon
 President Elect                         Shane Ferrell
Secretary                                        Sheri Hall
Treasurer                             Jonathan Januta
Membership                                 Don Ferrell
 Sargent-at-Arms                     James Watson
Administration                            Dwayne Lee
Community Services 1             Sam Thomas
 Community Services 2                 Alan Walter
Youth Services                             Mark Cloud
Vocational Services                  Kevin Barlow
Foundation                                       Chip May
International Services                 Samir Ahuja
Special Programs                       Cindy Wright

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