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Friday, February 9, 2018
This week's Program:

Kinsey Thayer
Baylor Orthopedic & Spine Hospital at Arlington
     Kinsey Thayer is a Certified Athletic Trainer with Baylor Orthopedic and Spine Hospital. Her job is to find opportunities and partnerships in Arlington for the Hospital.

     Kinsey is a liaison for BOSHA since April of 2015. Within those partnerships she provide a concierge service where you can  reach me by my personal cell-phone number 24/7. Depending on your needs, she will then get you an expedited appointment with the doctor that best fits your needs and/or answer any questions you may have. she is here to get you in quickly and make the process as stress-free as possible.

     Baylor Orthopedic and Spine Hospital at Arlington (BOSHA or Baylor Arlington) specializes in providing comprehensive outpatient and inpatient treatment of orthopedic and spine disorders. For everything from simple back or neck strains to the most complex spine surgeries, they combine exceptional care with personal attention and compassion. The only orthopedic surgery and specialty hospital of its kind in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex, Baylor Arlington brings experts close to home.

     BOSHA partners with Arlington Orthopedic Associates, a group of 23 physicians who specialize in Sports medicine, orthopedic surgery, spine care, joint replacement and reconstruction, and the care of bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves in adults and children.
February 16     Matt Krause - State Representative, North Arlington

February 23     Don Graves - WWII Iwo Jima Survivor

March 2            Norm King, District 5790 Youth Exchange Program

March 9            Four Way Test Speech Contest

          Bring a Guest to these Meetings!
     Want to see a particular speaker or do you want a particular subject matter presented? Do you know of anyone who has a program that might be of interest to our membership?
     Let Will Ross know - reach him at  rosswill@sbcglobal.net.

Henry Armstrong      February 4
Darlene Ryburn         February 6
Ken Hampton            February 10
Matt Hines                 February 12
Bobby Burden           February 13
Bill Harnagel              February 15
Jack Rogers              February 18
James Watson          February 18
Tony Blauvelt            February 23
Rob Asplet                February 24


Charles Hall         February 1
Sheri Hall             February 1
Bill Verkest          February 9
Rob Asplet           February 14
Dub Swayze         February 28


February 9       Hollis Lackey (1), Craig Lidell (2), Richard Lucas

February 16     Chip May (1), Tom McGrew (2), Chris McLucas

February 23     Rick McVay (1), Don Mims (2), Curt Osiek

March 2            Larry Riggall (1), Jack Rogers (2), Jim Ross

(1) Prayer & Pledge,  (2) Introduce Visiting Rotarians and Guests 
February 16      Dale Doak

February 23      Don Ferrell

March 2            Shane Ferrell

March 9            Sheri Hall
February 16       Hollis Lackey

February 23       Mel Crosier 

March 2              Mark Gist

March 9              Don Ferrell

      Two more Chess Champions from Thornton Elementary came to our meeting this morning. Andrew Walling (far right) is their sponsor at Thornton. President-Elect Shane Ferrell (far left) was on hand to congratulate these students.
     One of RI President Ian Riseley has announced that he would like each and every Rotarian to plant a tree this year. It doesn't matter what kind of tree, or how big it is! Just plant a tree.

     Can you imagine the impact this would have on the world? If all 1.3 Million Rotarians plant a tree, the world will benefit from having Mother Nature help cleanse the air, create more oxygen, and beautify the Earth.

     At one point, we were considering purchasing seedling trees for our members, but the Board decided, after discussion, to have each individual member choose what type of tree, what size of tree, and where to plant the tree. 

     This time of year is great for planting trees, plus we would like our Club to be one of the first to be 100% in participation. We do have a few members who have offered to plant your tree for you if you need assistance.

      We need to have this project completed by March 31, 2018. 

     After you have planted your tree, please take a photo of you and your tree and send it to Dwayne Lee, Director of Administration. Please email the photo to:
March 1 - 4          P.E.T.S. (President-Elect Training Series), Hyatt Regency, DFW 
March 6               Sunrise Rotary Board Meeting, 7 a.m., David's BBQ

April 21-22          Sunrise Rotary "New" Board Retreat
April 28               Adoption Awareness Picnic, Fielder Church

May 5                  Beer Olympics (See Mark Cloud)

May 11 - 13         Highland Games, Decatur, TX

May 12                Flag Program Workday - ALL HANDS ON DECK!

May 12                Highlands Rotary "Casino Night" fundraiser
May 19-20           District Conference, DFW Hyatt

May 26                Flag Day - Memorial Day - Display at 6:00 a.m.

May 29                Flag Day - Memorial Day - Pick up at 6:00 p.m.

June 14               Flag Day - Flag Day - Display at 6 a.m., Pick up at 6 p.m.

     As you should be aware, one of the goals of the Arlington Sunrise Rotary Club is to increase it's attendance score up into the 90-100% range. With all the ways you can get a "make up", there really sin't a good reason why everyone should be in that range.

     Here are the attendance results for the past couple of months:

  • December    -     82%
  • January      -       77%

     If you need reminding of ways to do a make up, read the last article in this newsletter. 

     The Arlington Highlands Rotary Club is where neighbors, friends, and problem-solvers share ideas, join leaders, and take action to create lasting change. We are a small but mighty club that meets at Dave & Busters on Tuesdays at 6 o'clock.

     Our Club will be hosting a Casino Night Fundraising event on Saturday, May 12, 2018. This event is to raise funds for our ongoing Community Projects. Also the funds collected will go to help support the ongoing efforts & projects of The Rotary Foundation throughout the world. 

     The event will consist of dinner and casino games along with fellowship with other attendees. To make this night successful, we are looking for Sponsors. These sponsorships will help us create an evening of fun and fellowship for who all attend. We have 4 levels of sponsorship:

1) Title Sponsor $2000
a. Name/Business on literature and displayed at event
b. Bring up to 4 people to event with dinner and playing chips
c. Time to speak at event
d. Option to put things in Goodie Bags

2) Event Sponsor $500
a. Bring up to 2 people to event with dinner & playing chips
b. 3 Minutes to Speak at Event
c. Name/Business Displayed at Event
d. Option to put things in Goodie Bags

3) Gaming Table Sponsor $250
a. 1 person for Dinner
b. Sign with Name/Business at a Gaming Table
c. Bring your own literature to place/hand out at Game Table

4) Goodie Bag Sponsor $25
a. Ability to put promo items in Goodie Bags

     If Sponsorship is not in your interest, we are also in need of Prizes for the night. Attendees will be given the chance to exchange their playing chips for tickets. Those tickets then can be used for chances on All the prizes we will have available. Prizes can consist of a $25 Gift Card to a Restaurant to a Weekend Getaway to somewhere fabulous. No prize is too small or too large.

     To Sponsor or Donate to this worthy cause, please send an email to:  AHRotaryClub@gmail.com
Ways to do a "Make-up"
  1. Go to: https://www.rotaryeclubone.org/programs.htm and watch a video or read an article.
  2. Attend a Sunrise Rotary social event. (Christmas party and other Sunrise social gatherings)
  3. Work on a Sunrise Rotary project (flags,PhasedIn, Blood drive, Highland games, etc.)
  4. Attend a Sunrise Rotary Board meeting. (1st Tuesday, 7:00 a.m., David's BBQ)
  5. If you're in a travel status, get the Rotary Club Finder app for your smartphone and find a Club in/near the town you are visiting - even outside of the United States!
  6. Attend another local Rotary Club meeting. There are seven other Rotary Clubs in Arlington that you can make up at. Here's a list of them:
    • Arlington North Rotary, Monday at Noon, Texas Land & Cattle, N. Arlington
    • Arlington West Rotary, Tuesday at Noon, Shady Valley Golf Club
    • Arlington Highlands Rotary, Tuesday at 6 p.m., Dave & Busters in the Highlands
    • Arlington Sunset Rotary, Tuesday at 6 p.m., J. Gilligan's on E. Abram
    • Arlington Rotary, Thursday at Noon, 1st United Methodist Church
    • Arlington Great Southwest Rotary, Thursday at 6 p.m., Humperdink's @ 6 Flags
    • Arlington South Rotary, Friday at Noon, Spring Creek BBQ, S. Cooper
Here's the catch:

     You literally have a whole month in order to work your "make up" into your busy schedule - within 2 weeks prior to the meeting you will miss and within 2 weeks after the meeting you miss.

So you see, there really is no valid excuse  for you not having PERFECT ATTENDANCE.
 But there is one major step to ensure your make-up is validated - you must report it to Club Secretary Sheri Hall at  sherilhall@gmail.com.


 President                                     Steve Dixon
 President Elect                         Shane Ferrell
Secretary                                        Sheri Hall
Treasurer                             Jonathan Januta
Membership                                 Don Ferrell
 Sargent-at-Arms                     James Watson
Administration                            Dwayne Lee
Community Services 1             Sam Thomas
 Community Services 2                 Alan Walter
Youth Services                             Mark Cloud
Vocational Services                  Kevin Barlow
Foundation                                       Chip May
International Services                 Samir Ahuja
Special Programs                       Cindy Wright

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