Water Resource Information


Nearly 20% of the world lacks access to safe clean drinking water and basic sanitation.  The Water And Sanitation Rotary Action Group (WASRAG) been set up to support Rotary’s efforts to address this important problem. It will encourage every Rotarian to become aware of water-related issues and every Rotary club to participate in a water or sanitation project.  District 6380 has (and has had for several years) a number of projects addressing water problems, both locally and internationally.  Some articles for District 6380 are available under the Water section under “District Info” on the Home page. More extensive information can be obtained by following the links listed under the WELCOME section of WATER that comes up automatically when one selects WATER under “District Info”.



District 6380 water-related projects:


Artesian Wells in the Philippines-Birmingham Club


BioSand Filters in Dominican Republic-Sterling Heights Club


Toilets, wells and BioSand filters in Nepal-Troy Club


BioSand Filters in Mali-MT Clemens Club


There are a number of other projects going on in the District.  Tell us about your clubs project.


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